About us

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Founded in 2008, our team has grown to be successful over the years. Grounded in the principles of St. John Baptiste de La Salle, the patron Saint of Central Catholic High School, we strive to bring success through hard work and determination.

In addition to gaining valuable, real-world experience in mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer programming, our members become Men of Faith, Scholarship, and Service, which are the core values of our school.

Guiding us along the way are professional volunteer mentors, school faculty and administration members, Pittsburgh Central Catholic Robotics alumni, and our parents.

We rely on the generous donations from our sponsors. Please consider donating to our team.



Aidan Liddy, ’23 (Captain, Code Team Lead)

Zack George, ’23 (Mechanical Team Lead)

Dominic Servello, ’23 (Electronics Team Lead)


John Beeson, ’24

Luke Nuzzo, ’25

Nathaniel Ostin, ’25

Garrett King, ’26

Zach Moats, ’26

Finn Thompson, ’26


Ben Very, ’23

Michael Christlieb, ’24

Jonathan Mox, ’25

Joeseph Skundrich, ’26


Matthew Jordan, ’24

Victor Ezaru, ’25

Anthony Servello, ’25

Regis Keller, ’26

Brayden Spencer, ’26

Nial Yavuzturk, ’26


Head Coach

Christian Romano, ’17

Head Moderator

Kevin Heid


Ian Connolly, ’20

Zolten Glasso, ’14

Joe Hudak, ’14

Jill Jeffcoat

Siri Maley

Alaina Nugent

Alisha Patel

Aaron Reay, ’14

Justin Tomko

Cam Vallus, ’17